Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Dissection of The Turtle

 Maybe this article contains shocking images X(

....I'm George, again.

Moeri, Tomo-chan and I visited the practical room as part of
our studies today, August 2. In this room, snapping turtles
(Chelydra serpentina) were dissected for research.

This turtle is frozen.

They were caught by Chiba Pref. because snapping turtles are
alien species (and alien predators).
This turtle has a strong jaw so they are very dangerous to us. 

The weight was 4.5kg.

The reason why that turtles were dissected is because we wanted
to know their foods, shell size, sex and age.

Cuts from the belly so it's soft.

Then, fortunately, I was allowed to experience dissection.

"Hmm,'s NOT soft.", I said.

It's the digestive tract,
the stomach and the small intestine.

After drawing the digestive tract from her belly,
researchers will examine stomach contents.

Cutting her a leg.

We can know her age from her femur.

I have a lot of pictures of this dissection, but  they are secret.
Because....maybe they are so dangerous for YOU!

Then, I'd like to finish my report about this dissection.

Bye :D

(Thank you for checking my English, Michelle!)

The Examination of Lake Inba

Hi, I'm George.  It's too hot lately :-(

We went to the lake Inba for research July 30.

"Is this the lake?"

The water surface was covered by water caltrops/water chestnuts
( Trapa natans L.) so it was hard for Ota-san to move fishing boat.

A water caltrop blossom.

 BOSS who is moving the data logger.

Moeri thought, "It's my mission to capture plankton".

When we were moving by ship,
we looked at the interesting thing.
It was the HARVESTER, machine for cutting aquatic plants.

We're going to go to the lake next time, August 27.